@Reu / Keepsakes

Performance: DJ set, video projection. 

Opening night performance for Memorial: Work by Artists of the Venezuelan Diaspora curated by Camila Salcedo at  Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto. February 2020.

“’@Reu / Keepsakes’ by Ana Luisa Bernardez Notz, who performs as ANA LUISA, is an immersive DJ performance which includes samples of voice-notes, and a slideshow of old videos and photo projections from her closest friends. Reu refers to the word reunión or reunion, and is a common way of referring to house parties and gatherings. Since 2015, her friends have immigrated to many countries around the world, while some are still in Venezuela. This makes group chats on social media platforms, and photo-archive sharing important to remembrance, recounting and retelling. This performance, therefore, becomes a space of honouring joy and celebrating nostalgic memories through playing songs the artist and her friends grew up dancing to." Camila Salcedo (Read more)